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How to publish your book and get book reviews on amazon

Help and advice for self-publishers

Bring your book to life for others to enjoy.
Put your fears and doubts aside. It is easier than you think and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way along with a whole tribe of indie publishers!


A step by step guide to publishing your own book – very simple.
WWW can help you stay healthy, motivated and focused whilst writing yourbook, but what happens after you have created your precious baby?!

1. Create an ebook on kdp

Here are the basic steps to follow to get your book out there, for readers to enjoy – and it won’t cost you a penny.
Create an account with Kindle Direct Publishing (an amazon company). https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/ You then simply need:

  • Word file of your book
  • a jpeg of your front cover
  • 7 keywords to help people find you (use amazon keyword tool to research https://keywordtool.io/amazon)
  • blurb/summary to describe your book (a hook to get readers to want to buy your book and it should included some of your keywords)

I can help with the formatting if you are not sure (front cover and Word file). Just email a copy of your file. You do not need an ISBN number for an ebook – kdp can assign one for free for your paperback or you can just buy one.

Need help with the artwork?

I can also help you select a category and price and even do the artwork if you are struggling (fiver.com offers some low-cost options).Just let me know if you need a cover, some artwork for Pinterest and Facebook or other social media platforms where you would like to promote your book.

How to get book reviews

Book reviews can be the make or break of your book. After all, how else can readers who do not know you make up their minds about whether to buy your book or not? Here are 2 great blog posts on the pitfalls and possibilities you face:

  • https://www.yourwriterplatform.com/get-reviews-for-your-book/
  • http://nicholaserik.com/book-review-mini-guide/

The second one is particularly in-depth.

Get book reviews here

If you are struggling to get reviews (you should aim for 10 as a minimum), I will gladly do this for you. Simply email the title and author of the book you would like me to review on amazon. Naturally if I feel it is 3 stars or less, I will not add the review. Instead I would inform you privately. Check out my book review options here.

1 Book Review

Max. 10 line book review on amazon of 1 x ebook (no longer than 100,000 words) must be of 3-star quality or above. Within 1 week.


5 Book Review Bundle

Same parameters as for a single book review with a bundle discount SAVING of $20. NB This can be applied to the same title or 5 separate titles


Organise a pre-launch for your book

Before you make your book LIVE / available for sale, it is a good idea to put it up for “Pre-order”. You can do this through www.kdp.com. Get all your friends and family to pre-order a copy of the book (at just 0.99 p). Ask the to review your book and it will help boost your book’s ranking in amazon and help its visibility.

There are other ways to help boost sales, but this is a free option. (You still own the rights to the book, but you can give amazon / kdp exclusive rights to the e-book/kindle version. This will help boost your sales but means you cannot offer it elsewhere as an e-book)


Paperback. You dno longer need to go through createspace. It is all done on kdp.

Much the same as above, you just need a Word file and a PDF of your cover. You can upload these on kdp – it assgins you a free ISBN number or I can show you where to get them: this is in the UK 
Again, kdp offer templates for the size of the book you want and I can help with the formatting if you need.

The front cover this time will need artwork and information for the front and back and spine. You will need a blurb/description, keywords and category. (You can use the same as you did for the e-book/Kindle version of your book).
Once the files are submitted and accepted your book will appear on amazon (whichever channels / countries you choose) for free and it will be printed on demand. No investment costs.

3. Audio with acx

Want to offer an audio version of your book? acx is an affiliate of amazon that can do this for free. Its artists (narrators) can either be paid up front for their work, i.e. a flat flee, or decide to opt for 50/50 share of the royalties of each audio copy in return for recording the content free of charge.
What you need to do.

  • Create an account: https://www.acx.com/ create your account.
  • Prepare and upload 200 words or so for auditioning purposes.
  • Create a cover – this is based off the cover of your book, slightly different formatting, showing the name of the narrator of course, but no real biggy in terms of work.
  • Listen to the auditions and choose the one you like – really simple!
  • You then work with your chosen narrator, listening to their recording and approving them or requesting changes until you are both happy and voila! you have a free audio of your book

All Done! Sit Back and Relax

After you have done all this hard work (not half as much as a publisher or agent gets you to do with regard to marketing and promoting your book!) kdp and acx simply pay you the royalties whenever a copy is sold.
It’s worth taking a few days or weeks to make your work immortal.

3 steps to unlocking the power of food

What do you know about the power of food?

How to make your food work for you. With this free ebook and clean diet plan even "can't cook, won't cook" writers will find the motivation to take control of their diet.

Apart from the obvious fact of needing food to survive, what do you really know about the potential held within the food you put into your body? If you knew of the healing power of food and how it can play a vital role in your success, perhaps you wouldn’t be so quick to say no to a healthier diet. Likewise, if you knew of the damage caused by processed foods, perhaps you wouldn’t be so quick to shove a twinkie down your throat! The damage does not just manifest itself on your hips and in your blocked arteries, that twinkie will bring about mood swings, bouts of fatigue and stump your creativity!

Harness the raw power of food to enhance your performance

Processed foods

We’re all aware of the harmful effects of processed foods, but since a lot of us seem to be ignoring the warnings, I’ll add a brief recap here: “Junk” food gives you a sudden rush of serotonin and dopamine to your brain thanks to its lethal and highly addictive combination of sugar and salt. Addictive because you want to have that “rush” of wow yummy happy feeling over and over again. Lethal because you are experiencing a false “high” setting off a chain of cravings leading to weight gain, depression, overeating, poor memory formation, learning disorders – I don’t need to say any more. How can people actually do this to other people… legally! Get out of this perpetual cycle of cravings before you become a slave to it.

Why you shouldn’t settle for a poor diet

“You write what you eat?” No that’s not the saying… “You are what you eat.” That’s it, but for our purposes here it is pretty much the same thing. If you fill yourself with processed junk food that’s what you will be producing: JUNK. With a poor diet filled with sugars and fats and comfort food, you will not be performing at your peak. It is a proven fact that a poor diet leads to

  • hyperactivity, followed by crash and burn
  • a lack of focus
  • bouts of fatigue
  • “brain fog” – lack of mental clarity
  • being less alert

If you do not take control of your diet, i.e. your nutritional intake, you could already be working at a deficit. As a freelance writer or creative, you need to have more self control than most because there is no one to see you chomping your way through a burger or bag of Doritos at your desk or in front of the TV hidden away at home.

Clean eating

Welcome to the more natural side of life. Wholesome eating or “clean eating” as I shall be referring to it, is not just responsible for promoting your health (e.g. reducing blood pressure, protecting against sickness and disease, etc.), it is also your golden ticket to a world of focus and endless energy. If you take a little time and follow the 3 steps below, you can unlock the nutritional power of your meals. “Why would I want to do this?” You may ask since food does not seem to be directly linked to your success as a writer. Then let me ask you this: “Would you put diesel in an unleaded car and expect it to perform?” If you put in a super or high-level grade fuel, your vehicle would perform better though, go faster, have a cleaner engine, etc.

Healthy snacks for writers: "Improved nutrition increases your brain function, keeps you on task and helps you realise your full potential as a writer."
Stay on task with healthy snacks

Clean eating can make an overwhelming difference to  you both personally and professionally. The change is almost instant and the solution is literally on the plate in front of you – so what are you waiting for? Let’s get on with finding the right fuel for your tank and your mind.

Benefits of a good clean diet

Eating healthily as a freelance writer doesn’t have to be hard, but it is an essential self-care tip you cannot miss out or skimp on.

Give yourself a natural advantage. Having the right nutrient intake can help

  • you become more focused
  • you concentrate better
  • balance out your hormones
  • counterattack chemical imbalances
  • combat fatigue

This free ebook on “Clean Eating for the Busy Writer”, will help you to safely change and develop your diet and lifestyle to achieve your goals. Your diet is a vital element in manifesting your success through self-care.

Take charge of your diet

Remember you’re “eating for success”. This is not about losing weight or turning vegetarian. It’s about choices. There are areas in your life where you can make choices. What you put in your mouth is one of these areas. You are in charge. Your thoughts and ability to succeed are greatly affected by what you eat. Do you want to pit your body and mind against each other? Do you want to suffer from mood swings, chronic fatigue and not being able to concentrate for long? No! Start thinking about how and what you eat. The quality and balance of your diet dictates the quality and balance of your work!

“Improved nutrition increases your brain function,
keeps you on task and helps you realise your full potential as a writer.”

3 steps you must take when it comes to food, to perform at your best

Don’t forget you are in charge of what you eat. Do not be a slave to comfort eating. Making the right choices in your diet is another part of the self-care plan to manifesting your success.

Free Clean Diet ebook on unlocking the power of food
Improved performance through healthy eating

1. Become a Mindful Eater

“Oh my God! Mindfulness is everywhere!!!” Bear with me. Being mindful when eating is simply about being more “aware” instead of throwing anything you can grab down your throat. This is key to ensuring you are fueling your brain with the right foods. By understanding the foods your body requires, you can eliminate the foods that are slowing you down and impeding your progress.

One general method to help you become more aware of what the food you are eating is doing to you is called “metabolic typing”: This is based on metabolic distinctions originating from your ancestor’s geographic origin. Don’t worry it’s simple. There are only 2 categories.

i) ‘Polar types’ do really well on meals like steak and vegetables or hearty casseroles; light meals often leave them unsatisfied and they then crave sugar/energy foods.
ii) ‘Equatorial types’ find red meat or a lot of fat too heavy. They feel lethargic and cannot digest this type of food easily.  They tend to do better on meals like lower fat stir fries with quorn pieces or a salad with light fish.

The Diary of a Savvy Eater

We all experience this difference in appetites seasonally. Most people would prefer a lighter more vegetable based meal like a salad in hot sunny weather, whereas in cold winters a hot pot would be much more appropriate.
The types are not black and white as it is a spectrum on which you can move back and forth. Metabolic typing is a good starting point. So are you more like a Polar, an Equatorial or somewhere in between? How do you find out? Simple



Use your camera phone/tablet. Snap each plate of food you eat. Then make a note of how you felt on that meal 1-2 hours afterwards.

The kind of reactions that you jot down will either indicate you got the balance right or that you got it wrong, e.g. feeling sluggish versus feeling energized.

2. Plan Your Meals in Advance

• Work out your meals.
• Plan your shopping.

This may sound anal, but if you don’t have a clue what you are going to eat for the week, you will grab what you fancy instead. Having no meal plan is a guaranteed route to self-sabotage. Plus it’s one less thing to think about every day. You only have to think “What shall I cook?” once a week. Spending half an hour writing our your meals and listing the ingredients you need to buy takes 30 minutes max!

The FREE EBOOK (Clean Diet for Busy Writers) contains an example weekly meal planner to get you started. It’s perfect for those of us who won’t cook, can’t cook or don’t have tiem to cook, but still want to eat healthy and tasty meals.

Eating Out, Away From Home

This idea of planning ahead also applies to when you are out and about. If you want to make sure you don’t mess up all the good work you have done by eating “properly” and well at home as soon as you go to a restaurant or friend’s house, bear the following points in mind:

• Choose restaurants that cook from fresh.
• Look out for places with gluten-free menus
• Be clear and confident in asking for what you want!
• Support restaurants and suppliers who source ethically farmed, clean food.
• When abroad look for the cold meats, salads, vegetable dishes, roasts, grills, and eggs.
• If you visit friends, let them know what you DO and DON’T eat in plenty of time.
• Be prepared to take along certain things to be helpful, like coconut milk.

Out and about: The best advice is to plan ahead and take your food with you. There is no shame in making yourself a pack lunch and putting it in a tupperware container! Plus, service stations with grocery stores are useful for meat, salads and fruit.

3. Practice Clean Eating

Let’s start with something you are familiar with: choose organic. You hear it time and time again, but you’re still not buying organic… Please review the basis of your decisions in light of the following information: Choosing organic where possible will improve the quality of your food and it’s vitality content. Nutrition in vegetables and fruit comes from the microorganisms in the soil. If the produce is sprayed with pesticides and fungicides this will also kill the ‘life’ in the soil. Non-organic foods can increase the amount of chemicals and toxins that you take in and your body has to use valuable resources to process and eliminate. The Free Clean Diet ebook contains recipes with ingredients and a weekly meal planner to get your started.

Another familiar “choice” you may ignoring is not to buy foods containing “white devils” (listed below. Processed foods contribute in part to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes we now see in our modern society.

Stay away from the white devils:

  • Refined sugar
  • Pasteurised dairy
  • Refined flour
  • Table salt

The “Clean Diet for Busy Writers” contains a full list of guidelines for clean eating. Here are what I consider to be the top 3 you MUST adhere to unlock the power of food, give you more focus and combat fatigue:

  1. Eat whole fresh food
  2. Avoid foods that make you feel sluggish
  3. Do not multi-task while eating

The Mind – Body Connection

As you may have gathered there is a huge correlation between your physical and emotional/mental well-being. The brain and the body are constantly sending messages to each other. Our nervous system is our body’s fastest communication system. Inadequate nutrition compromises the health and efficiency of our internal communication highway. Your brain requires a lot of energy to function. Therefore you should feed it regularly and feed it premium fuel to ensure your neurotransmitters, your brain messengers, are working as  efficiently as possible!

What is most exciting about taking control of your diet is that it is all about your CHOICES. You have the opportunity today to take control of your choices, listen to your body. By following the above 3 steps you are choosing to fuel and nourish your AMAZING body with what it needs! You are no longer pitting your mind and body against each other. When your body and mind work together you unlock the power of food, you unlock your power and open the channels to realizing your full potential.

Don’t run on a deficit. Run on a premium, high-quality, clean diet!

Download your free Clean Diet booklet. It is an easy introduction to cleaning up your diet, an inspirational source of education and ideas on how to begin to incorporate more nutritious health building foods into your weekly menu:

Helping you to safely change and develop your diet and lifestyle to achieve your goals  –   I’d love to hear how you get on – drop me a line!!

birth of life begins in your mind - release your inner power
How self care rituals and routines help you realise your full potential as a writer.

When you are steadfast in your power, you cannot be thrown from your centre.

Positive Thinking. Positive Living. It’s time to recognise the power you have within.

wellness and writing - the empowered writer

Welcome to my world. A world of peace, strength and positivity where nothing is done by the book! If you are a traditionalist or puritan when it comes to Yoga, publishing, meditation and anything to do with self-healing then avert your eyes. The rest of you can join me on a journey to find inner power and release the warrior within!

Are you trapped?

Being trapped in a cage is a nightmare nobody wishes to endure. Being in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship creates such a virtual cage. Nobody chooses to get into the cage. It just seems to form around us as we cling onto the hope that things will get better, that our partner will become more understanding.

Many of us are in relationships we did not envisage or want. Although in my case there was no physical abuse only deliberate misconstruing of my affirmations and gaslighting, I was trapped. At first I thought it was romantic, it made me feel special, until his presence began to suffocate me with his cloak of control and insecurity.

I could not even release my tension through jogging which I loved. “It is not safe, I’ll come with you.” Nothing was my own anymore. Only my thoughts.

How self-care can bring you out of the dark

The door to my cage remained locked year after year and I had no escape. Perhaps you can relate to this? When I had nowhere else to turn, I turned inward. Come with me.

1. Yoga

I had to do something. I had to stop drinking my way into oblivion every night, pretending it would all magically resolve itself. Quite by chance my escape began with an audio download from Mandy Ingber. I only intended to do yoga to help my circulation and posture since I sat at a desk all day long. It was something I could do on my own at home. But somehow, as if indeed by magic, Mandy’s hatha yoga routines helped me reconnect to my inner self. They woke up my old spark.

The routines helped me find strength from within. Since I had always been quite an athletic person when I was younger, I had feared my body would have deteriorated after 10 years of neglect. But slowly one bridge pose and pigeon stretch after another I became the peaceful warrior. My self-belief grew. The previous suppleness of my body was finding its way back to life. I was proud of what I was doing. I repeated her words over and over again: “If you want change in your life, you need to move your legs.” I wanted change. Every inhale and exhale I got a step closer to seeing more and more light at the end of my tunnel.

2. Reiki + Meditation

energy enhancing exercises

I had managed to break free from a toxic relationship. Now it was time to heal. This was an incredibly important part of my journey as a single mother now. I had to be strong for all of us. As you may now, when women enter the perimenopause stage of life, their hormone imbalance opens the way to self-doubt. Many of us begin to feel less confident about our decisions and actions. This was all the more reason why I needed to heal and give myself time.

Reiki was a natural step for me to take. A complete skeptic to begin with I was soon taken in by its powers as a form of self-healing. It was never my intention to use it on others. Mikao Usui designed the practice (1920s, Japan) based on Tendai Buddhist and Taoist methods. He intended it for the purposes of self-healing. After my first attempt by myself I had already begun the beautiful and uplifting journey to restoration. I practiced diligently for 20 minutes everyday for a whole month. After 3 weeks of a “healing crisis” as my body’s energy levels re-balance, it was clear I had quite a lot of negativity and tension to get rid of! I slept 14 hours a day and cried at first. After this month of healing I felt energised and positive. Meditation clears your mind and has many other benefits.

Energy Exercises Guide Optin

3. Healing crystals

This next step was more just for fun. The effects though took me by surprise. I enjoyed the power of the crystals so much I used them every day for 10 minutes. I started with a physical healing grid for 2 weeks. Then I moved onto the chakra balancing grid and finally used amazonite to help release any toxic emotions. It is important to always start at the base. If your base and/or root chakra is not in balance, the rest with topple. You need solid foundations.


Crystals allowed me to understand the negative effects of harbouring beliefs that were not mine. Beliefs and mindsets I had been carrying since childhood. In order to be fully aligned with your true self, you need to shed these beliefs. You must follow only your own and not be ashamed of them. Society and families indoctrinate us. Usually because they believe it is for our own good. To be a confident empowered person you need to cut the cords to these beliefs and ways and foster your own.

Now I started to notice other women who were trapped. I noticed other women who lacked confidence and were being held back by their own fears. That is when I began writing my guides in my own name (I ditched the mask of my pen name). It was time to help others.

Personal Development Guides

My personal development guides offer general guidance and specialised information on your path to spiritual healing. They are flexible enough to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

1. “How to be Happy” is perhaps the ultimate goal, but first you need to take some basic steps:

2. Kick bad habits: “How to Stop Smoking and Start Living” and “How to Give up Drinking and Be a Part of the World Again” will help liberate you from the shackles of smoking and alcohol dependency.

3. If you cannot earn more money then maybe you can save some (“How to Save Money“), which will help you to pay for the things you want to do. And treat you to some well-deserved ME time if you’ve kicked a bad habit!

4. Live a healthier lifestyle and be more youthful: “How to Look Young and be more grateful, grounded and gorgeous“. Just the beginning to a world of opportunities where you are nothing short of amazing.

5. Feel focused, fit and motivated: “How to Get Fit with Reiki and Music” is an uplifting guide. It contain two of the most potent methods for finding focus and motivation. Being the best version of you is almost effortless with the power of music and a daily 10-minute cleansing and refilling of your energy system.

Release your power!

release your inner warrior

Empowering women

I want to help empower other women who may be feeling lost or out of touch with who they are

The power of self-belief underpins all aspects of who you are and the life you forge. My books are intended to offer guidance and enable, equip and inspire my readers, clients and friends to find fulfillment built on a solid foundation of authentic self-knowing. Stop fearing success or being yourself because of your past, because of your emotional scars or because of how others judge you.

The Birth of Your Life Happens in Your Mind

Move forwards, create opportunities, be at peace with yourself and the world around you.

The Power of the Great – Taoism

The icon for my online courses school “Heavenly Ki” is Hexagram #34. great Vigor. Great Power. “If one has power inside, one has no need of proving it. Remember, having power is not a matter of exerting it, but of being it. The strength to make your own mind true and positive in all circumstances is a greater power than having power over someone or something else.”

Sovereign Hexagram #34 Great Power

  “…the Power of the Great is activated for those who know that the greatest strength is the ability to overcome themselves and their insecurities. Persisting in this outlook will lead to success. The hidden influence of Determination shows that a breakthrough in thinking has changed a landscape of obstacles into opportunities to prove the strength of your inner character. The underlying cause of Contemplation shows that after a period of surveying the playing field, you are ready to move forward. Invigorate your sense of resolve because success is in sight.”

It’s time to release  your inner warrior. It’s time to take action.

Read MY STORY: From Worrier to Warrior

harmful effects of drinking

The joys of a wee drinky-poo!

Perhaps alcohol helps you get through the day. Just knowing that when you finally come home and kick off your heels (metaphorically speaking), you can enjoy a glass of wine and unwind. Is this you?

A drink help you to:

  • rid yourself of the stresses and strains of the day, you feel yourself melt into a warm and hazy sense of floating euphoria  
  • to muster some of that inner sparkle at parties or social gatherings, a sparkle that you really did not think you had left in you after a grueling week with the kids and work

…. thanks to your friend alcohol you manage to smile and shine and laugh with your friends. You may be alcohol dependent

party drink devil - bad effects of alcohol

If you are a creative freelancer, the temptation to have a drink during the day can become a serious problem. Working by yourself, you need a lot of self-control and self-awareness to abstain from this temptation. Perhaps drinking helps you to be more creative or muddle through your plot or project. This is only a short term solution and you know it. The harmful effects of dependency on alcohol far outweigh any short-term benefits and gratification.

free sobriety guide audio button

The harmful effects of a wee drinky poo

This alleged friend of yours does not come alone though. He has a friend of his own. Mr Hangover and he can be a real killer sometimes. Mr Hangover ruins your entire day. Making you shout at the children and your partner, making you unfocused at work. Making you forgetful. And Mr Hangover also comes with a friend. He’s can Mr Depletion. Mr Depletion literally depletes your body of all the energy resources because you can no longer absorb the nutrients your body needs.

  • Too much alcohol is starving your body of essential nutrients
  • You are unable to move forwards as you hide in the haze
  • Drink dependency fuels your anxiety by suppressing your real emotions
  • Increased risk of liver, heart and other diseases
  • There is an increased risk of mental health problems: e.g. depression, stress
  • The aging rate of the body’s systems is accelerate.

You can start with this simple phrase:

“I really want a drink, but I really don’t want….:
(here comes your list of reasons why you hate drinking, e.g. liver disease, headaches, failure).”

3. Beat it – Repetition and reward. Another step in retraining your brain. Luckily alcohol comes with its own HATE ME features. Such as pounding headaches, feeling of nausea, empty bank accounts, memory loss, embarrassing moments on the dance floor and so on. In the final stage you need to instigate change sin your life. It may be distancing yourself from toxic/negative people and influences in your life, training for a new career, moving location or simply smaller changes like more exercises, improved diet, more self-care.

how to stop drinking

Start the momentum, climb up to your podium

You have to take that first step to get to the next step, to get to the next step on your climb up to the top. You need momentum to keep propelling you up and up, on and on.

Each day without drink has to be seen as an achievement, especially during the first days of detox. You need to reward yourself.

Part of your Reward Program can be simply monitoring the benefits of giving up.

You can start with this simple phrase:

“I really want a drink, but I really don’t want….:
(here comes your list of reasons why you hate drinking, e.g. liver disease, headaches, failure).”

3. Beat it – Repetition and reward. Another step in retraining your brain. Luckily alcohol comes with its own HATE ME features. Such as pounding headaches, feeling of nausea, empty bank accounts, memory loss, embarrassing moments on the dance floor and so on. In the final stage you need to instigate change sin your life. It may be distancing yourself from toxic/negative people and influences in your life, training for a new career, moving location or simply smaller changes like more exercises, improved diet, more self-care.

how to stop drinking

Reward Program

  • Weigh yourself at the beginning and each day see how much weight you have lost or didn’t put on.
  • Take a photo of yourself the day you stop and another after a week to see how your skin has improved.
  • Set up a savings account the day you stop and set up an automatic transfer for every day at the amount you would have spent on alcohol, watch it tot up! Do not enter the amount yourself every day otherwise this will remind you of drink – just check the balance in your savings when you want encouragement or cheering up.
  • Make an inspiration board. Print out photos of great holidays, places you want to go see, you when you were looking “hot”, your children (preferably smiling) and anything else that inspires you or makes you smile (art, cute animals, plants, architecture, cars, anything). You can this on your phone or computer if you prefer to keep it private.
  • Keep a diary of the changes you have noticed, just bullet points, like, “Dinner was delicious, so much better than a salty take-out”, “Didn’t feel tired today”, “Didn’t feel tearful”, “I felt more confident”, “Totally crushed it at the gym”, “Felt pleased with myself”, “Watched a movie and remembered the ending”, “Started reading again, loving it!”.

These “rewards” will help you keep up the momentum.

You must also feel proud of yourself when you have “survived” a craving. When you can look back and think: “Normally I would have had a drink then.” You need to say well done to yourself. Be proud. It is a good feeling. Remember to stack up those pros and positivity against the cons and negativity.

free sobriety guide audio button

Drink is not your crutch, it is your ball and chain.

You may have felt liberated, or more confident when you drank but then you needed more and more to get that feeling. After a while that feeling of lightheaded bliss was no longer achievable and you just kept drinking out of habit hoping it would all go away and something or someone will miraculously come and save you. Well, I’ve  got news for you: you’re the one that has come to miraculously save yourself!

Why can’t it be you that achieves the impossible? Why can’t you play the superhero or knight in shining armour? It’s your life. Be the star in it.

An inspirational self help guide for women in their 30s and 40s: How to Give up Drinking and be Part of the World Again

You can purchase this effective guide either in paperback or download the FREE AUDIO.

Click below. What are you waking for. Release your inner power. Throw off the heavy cloak of alcohol-induced stupor. Be part of the world again!

how to give up drinking audio

If have anything to share or want to ask any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Let a comment below!

Free ebook for back pain relief

Tips on relieving back pain for desk-bound professionals.


Back pain relief + remedies for desk-bound professionals at home + in the office.

Today I wanted to share with you some simple tips on how to build a strong and stable back. Because there is nothing worse than being in constant pain. Not only does it detract from your work results, it makes you feel depressed and demotivated.

So let’s get you back on track to be a happier, healthier and more productive writer!

Here are a few suggestions:

1. In the gym do more exercises on your back. Why? Most people spend a lot of time at desks and develop poor posture by slouching forward.

2. A 2:1 RATIO between chest and back works well. For example: Press ups for chest, then a seated row and then pull ups for back.

3. Work on strengthening your core.

4. Have your posture and lifestyle assessed by a skilled professional can that give you a competent program that helps you.

5. Check out Graham Whitehead Health’s youtube channel I have plenty of core exercises on there. 

6. Dowload this great free ebook on back pain. 

7. Perfect technique with every rep you do in the gym. This way you train your brain to work out a position of optimal posture.

8. Have someone successfully progress you through some phases of exercise and strength training.

9. Some of the points above may not work if you are suffering with a back issue. Therefore please consult your DR or source a well trained professional who can offer you the guidance you need.

Try some simple techniques you may not have thought of before to ease your back pain. Without the pain you will be better able to concentrate and feel happier in yourself.

Free Download:


Graham Whitehead is a health and exercise coach based in Harrogate specialising in low back pain, injury rehabilitation, holistic lifestyle coaching, and weight loss.   Graham Whitehead health offer a thorough physical assessment which allows him to look at range of motion, core strength, posture, movement, and general orthopaedic health. In conjunction with this a thorough lifestyle assessment is done to assess the diet, sleep, levels of stress, hormonal systems, medical history, and chief complaints.   Once all the information is gathered a health and well being program is produced to create an effective lifestyle and training program that meets the demands of the client.   Graham is currently based at Harrogate   www.gwhealth.co.uk     START FEELING FREE AGAIN TODAY!

How Understanding Yourself Can Make You a Better Writer

Successful people all around the world are trained to develop their emotional intelligence skills. Now even big companies are starting to promote the emotional IQ of their staff. Why? Could it be that they care? Or perhaps they have come to realise that the way employees are treated significantly affects their bottom-line – profit. But cynicism aside, it goes without saying that people would prefer to work in a company where they are treated fairly as individuals.  By promoting enhancing their personal emotional intelligence, companies are making themselves more appealing as employers.

As a freelancer and your own boss, you should be employing this tactic, too.

the importance of emotional IQ

Why is emotional IQ so important?

There is a general consensus that emotional IQ is the key to both personal and professional success. It all starts with the fundamental building block of a clear understanding of ourselves. By knowing yourself better you are able to recognise your

  • fears
  • ambitions
  • hurdles
  • self-made blockades
  • weaknesses
  • strengths
  • peak performance triggers
  • when you produce your best work
  • slumps
  • triggers for self-doubt

With all this in mind, you can then plan individual days to suit your best and worst times for working. Even more than this, you can draw up your entire “business plan” for your career as a freelancer: Where I want to be in 5 years time. Armed with this vital information, you will be able to support yourself and maybe at times even outwit yourself to being more productive and successful.

The importance of improving your emotional IQ

For a quick test to see just how good your emotional intelligence is now, I have listed 5 ways in which you can analyse and develop your emotional intelligence today.

Five ways of developing your emotional IQ

  1. Are you shirking responsibility? Hold yourself accountable when you make a mistake.
  2. Do you lack self-confidence? Start living by your own values.
  3. If you’re an attention-seeker, practice humility – step out of the limelight and observe for a change.
  4. Look at yourself honestly – is there room for improvement?
  5. How do you react in different situations? Do you instantly panic in times of stress? Learn to be the chilled-out writer.

Are you doing any of these? Take a good honest look at yourself, it can help you grow. Having an awareness of your actions and feelings will empower you with confidence and equip you with the means to take control of your writing career.

5 main areas of an improved emotional IQ

  1. Self-awareness – when you are self-aware you know how you are feeling and you understand how these “moods” are affecting the quality of your focus and the content you create.
  2. Self-regulation – you are able to “control” your emotions and actions. I don’t mean “control” in the robotic sense, more as working with them and not being overrun by your emotions.
  3. Motivation – successful motivated people tend to forgo rewards that can be gained in the short term in favour of long-term success. See the bigger picture.
  4. Empathy – your ability to understand others. We are not islands – although some of us may live in solitude with our books and hermit-like writing frenzies – we are inextricably linked with the world around us. Developing your empathy, for example, will go a long way in helping you develop characters for your novel or understand situations in the world around you.
  5. Social skills – writers are not known for their good social skills. In fact, we are often the weirdos in the corner observing tittle-tattle at parties or the social pariah that type in our PJs all day drinking gallons of coffee with our minds in a galaxy far far away. So please make a special effort here as it will help you when you network and push your work out there… without your slippers on!

Improved emotional intelligence is the X-factor in writing success

Recognise your emotions, understand them and see how they are affecting your work ethic and even how you are impacting others in the world around you. Understand how you project yourself, your own personal image and what are you attracting or repelling.

Takeaway: I seriously recommend understanding yourself that little bit better. By working with your highs and lows, and recognising your triggers, you can become your most powerful weapon in your strategy as a freelance writer, blogger or creative.

Say goodbye to back pain for good

Different Ways to Relieve Back Pain for Desk-Bound Professionals

Back pain relief and remedies for at home and in the office. Great remedies on how to get rid of neck and back pain.

Sitting at your desk for hours on end, as the day flies by and you’re all huddled up, not noticing day turn into night, and then suddenly you stop for a tea break. That is when you notice. Much like when you have have had a few too many at the pub and when you stand your legs embarrassingly collapse beneath you (seriously hope I’m not on my my own with that one).

You rise from your desk and the pain in your neck and lower back are burning like mini envoys from hell. No more my friend. Let’s say good riddance to those aches and groans.


4 steps to fixing your back pain - free ebook

I haven’t always practiced what I preach. But when it comes to back pain I do! Check out 5 perhaps new ways to you of getting rid of that pain in your neck and back for good – I particularly recommend the 8-minute routine from Mandy, it is an absolute godsend!

5 simple tips on how to build a strong and stable back.

1. Daily 8-minute stretch

Start every morning with an 8-minute routine you can even do in bed. This is my favourite. I felt so good I stopped doing it for a couple of days… big mistake!! I immediately started again. Who doesn’t have 8 minutes a day to invest in a pain-free back and neck?!

2. Rolfing

This is a global myofascial and educational therapy, particularly helpful for chronic conditions and patterns of strain, office-bound postural habits. The technique involves  manipulating the fascia and soft tissue to improve your alignment and balance. Bad posture a can cause the body to move dysfunctionally. Over time, this can exacerbate pain because the body is not able to move naturally.

Rolfing releases tight fascia that might be causing imbalance or inhibiting free, healthy movement. It can create space around painful joints and allow the body to function naturally and without pain.

Rolfing: bringing you and your body closer together.

3. Gym

The gym do more exercises on your back. Why? Most people spend a lot of time at desks and develop poor posture by slouching forward.

A 2:1 RATIO between chest and back works well. For example
Press ups for chest, then a seated row and then pull ups for back.

Work on strengthening your core as well

Perfect technique with every rep you do in the gym. (no junk reps). This way you train your brain to work out a position of optimal posture.

Have someone successfully progress you through some phases of exercise and strength training.

4. Eating the right food

We should all be very careful with over-consumption of alcohol, sugar- containing foods and grains – especially gluten-containing grains! And we should all avoid eating too many processed foods.

This can be a challenge since nearly most supermarket foods have gone through a denaturing process to preserve the life or use artificial colour or additives to make food look more appealing.

The key is to look for food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

5. Sitting properly

The seated posture is now becoming the most common postural position in the workplace. It advantages are reduced energy consumption, compared to those who spend the time performing manual tasks on a daily basis (construction worker). What can you do?

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down and take regular breaks to move and stretch
  • Keep hydrated
  • Ensure that your desk or workstation is set up in the most posture-friendly position.

For even more details and other advice on how to fix back pain, download  your free ebook on back pain.

4 steps to fixing your back pain - free ebook

Some of the points above may not work If you are suffering with a back issue. Therefore please consult your doctor or source a well trained professional who can offer you the guidance you need.

I’d love to hear your comments if you’d like to share below x

Adopt five simple precepts for one amazing life

Finding equanimity within our life can often be the biggest challenge we face.

As a result of these frustrations we become

  • stressed
  • anxious
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • ill
  • worried

If we are able to reduce our sense of fear and worry and turn these negative emotions into a more balanced outlook, we will find peace within ourselves bringing

  • tranquility
  • a sense of purpose
  • self-respect
  • compassion
  • happiness

back into our lives. Print out these precepts and remind yourself of them when you wake up and before you go to bed at night. They will help you rid yourself of worry.

1. Be free from worry and anger

Worry causes stress, which effects the body, and can lead to illness. Worry channels negative energy into the thought we worry over. As we know, thoughts and words eventually become our actions meaning we are actually wishing for what we are worrying about! The same applies to anger. We make ourselves more upset. Anger does not resolve a situation. Redirect your thoughts somewhere more positive.


5 precepts for a happy life


2. Keep things simple and you will be rewarded

By being honest and upfront your life will be so much easier. if you lie, cheat or deceive, you will become entangle din your wicked web! Your life will be deceitful. The same applies with how you treat others. Show others respect and you are more likely to be respected back. The world around you is usually a reflection of your own conduct.

3. Love the little things

Be grateful for what you have instead of always wanting something else or something more. Start now, otherwise you will be in a permanent state of discontentment.

By following the 5 precepts as outlined in Tendai Buddhism and famously drawn on by Mikao Usui, you too can find this sense of restored balance and equanimity in your life.

Just five steps to becoming a more balanced and productive version of you. Print this PDF out and keep it on your fridge, desk or in your bag, to remind you that life does not have to be so hard and the road to happiness and success is just 5 steps away.

FREE Daily Planner to Drive Your Productivity

Free productivity planner to get you organised and drive your dreams forwards

The importance of planning your day and starting every day off right cannot be stressed enough.

If you do not know where you are going you cannot get there. What is a destination without a map or directions to get there?

You will flounder and be easily distracted without a plan. Stay focused with this daily 1-page planner used by successful writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and realise their ambitions

FREE Daily Planner to Drive Your Productivity

“I found it very simple, but extremely effective”


productivity and creativity courses for freelance writers



Carefully selected yoga poses, breathing sequences and flows incorporated into a work day can open up your channels of energy and boost your focus. This ingenious idea consisting of 5, 10 or 20-minute flows/stretches every 40 to 50-minutes, not only help you to stay fresh at work, they also improve your posture and keep your attitude positive. Yogitivity for increased productivity – all routines are tailored to suit your specific needs whether you are a freelancer, office worker or long-distance lorry driver. Since we can’t beat the system and some of us are stuck in an 8-hour day, we can still look after our health whilst performing at our best.

Various routines for all-week writing marathons, everyday core routines, butt-busting routines, Yogitivity for creativity… A routine for increased productivity tailored to your needs.


Sitting all day at your desk, at the wheel or in your cubicle? Legs throbbing, head pounding and back killing? More than half of the population in our modern “civilised” society is spending over 40 hours a week in the same position – this could also be standing – and it is far from natural or “civilised” for that matter.

Working 8 hours a day is a strange concept dating back to the industrial revolution when workers needed to be protected from the slave-labour hours of the factory owners. Unions pushed for the authorities to limit their hours, but why are we still sticking to this out-dated formula?


before yogitivity cycle

Thankfully the digital millenials are going out and freelancing it. They have cracked open the shackles of officedom proving that work can be achieved reliably and to a high quality anywhere – well, those with a good work ethic. Let’s face it, if you have no work ethic, you are still going to be a lazy bum in an office or factory!!

Back to the problem of long hours and lack of movement that still plague employees and entrepreneurs. How do you keep going without damaging your mental or physical health? How do you keep going day after day without producing inferior work or losing your momentum?


A lot of people have now incorporated meditation into their work routine. Establishments have set up meditation rooms for group sessions. This “break” away is extremely beneficial to refocus and recharge the brain. Yogitivity© works along similar lines taking the solution a step or two further.


with yogitivity cycle
Yogitivity© incorporates 10, 15 or 20-minute breaks into your work schedule at 20, 30 and 40-minute intervals. Nothing revolutionary about that you might say. No, in fact it is essential that you do take breaks. Some of us seem to be break-averse and simply run ourselves into the ground. Yogitivity© e-course for writers will convert you.

Once you try out the Yogitivity© breaks, you will become addicted to the energy they bring and the higher levels of productivity they yield in your work. The secret: the poses chosen release the energy you need at a specific time.

Identify your energy peaks and energy troughs.

Most people tend to drain and flag at around 2 or 3 o’clock or after lunch and be most productive in the morning. Others find their best time is in the small hours of the morning. We’re all different. That is why the old archaic system of an 8-hour day is defunct now.


routines for writers, freelancers, office workers…..
core routines designed around energy peaks at 9 am and 10 am and lows/energy troughs at 2 pm or 3 pm
special sequences tailored to your own individual needs.
the all-nighter/all-dayer where you have to get through a tough project, want to finish writing a book or thesis or report
The Butt-Buster! A 5-day work marathon.


  • maximise and utilise our peaks of energy and learn to work through and attenuate our troughs, our lows
  • each of the sequences is been specially choreographed to suit the specific time of day and the cycle for your body
  • Yogitivity© will also improve your posture
  • balance
  • sense of wellbeing.

Once you have mastered the ability to take breaks, to increase your productivity and remain more relaxed, energised, focused and reposed, you can then try the next step which is “Yogitivity© for Increased Creativity”!

If you can’t wait for the launch of the course please contact me: cescahepton@gmail.com