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symbiosis of writing and yoga

Review of a writing retreat hosted by Aurora Writers Coming away from a creative writing retreat hosted by Noelle Harrison and Vanessa Rigby, you will feel like a goddess. Set in the spa and relaxation world of the David Lloyd Gym in Edinburgh with breathtaking views of the seas, the Beltane retreat was an empowering experience …

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how to beat writer's block

It may be an unlikely solution for how to beat writer’s block but yoga is your secret weapon Stretch back, relax and now… write! Surely this is not the way to beat writer’s block!! Read on Macduff! Sounds crazy, right? Surely we produce our best work when we are pent up with frustration, anger or …

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Step out of your comfort zone

How stepping outside of your comfort zone can boost your confidence, wellbeing and creativity levels Extreme sports enthusiasts love to board, glide or fly. As they play on the planet’s unique and endless playground they are free to evolve. This is because they are surrounded by an endless source of inspiration, free to explore in …

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